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Comprehensive management of machining. Specialists in maintenance and machining as per drawing.
Certificado AENOR UNE-EN ISO 9001 Certificado AENOR UNE-EN ISO 14001 Certificado IQNET

Mecanizados Iriarte

Mecanizados Iriarte offers the perfect combination of maintenance and machining as per drawing aimed at providing a comprehensive management of your company"s needs.


C/ Cuenca del Deba, 9
Tel. : (+34) 945260622


We can program the manufacturing of all types of complex parts with the software:

· NX CAD/NX CAM, 5 axis
- 2.5 axis and 5 simultaneous axis


Also, we can make slots and notches with our slotting machine and our cutting machine. As well as threads of up to M-36.

With the following auxiliary machines:

· HOYTOM GH-500 slotter
- Max. slot length: 500mm
- Max. slot width: 50mm
- Adjustable bite: 0.025 to 0.125mm
- Motor: 2.2KW

· URPE M-300 G slotting machine
- Swivelling head, 0 to 300mm stroke
- Horizontal divider plate Ø 400mm
- Universal 3-fork hook plate Ø 250mm
- 4KW brake motor

· IBARMIA B-70-P column drill
- Maximum drill bit capacity: 70mm
- Distance from shaft to column: 425mm
- Distance from shaft to base: 1650mm
- Distance from shaft to table: 1200mm
- Base dimensions: 700x1200mm
- Table dimensions: 660x775mm
- Multiple head with 12 drill bits of up to Ø18mm
- 7.5KW motor

· IBA E-30 column drill
-Maximum drill bit capacity: 30mm
- Max. distance from table to shaft: 725mm
- Max. distance from base to shaft: 1265mm
- Table dimensions: 475x475mm
- Base dimensions: 430x880mm
- 0.75KW motor

· ERLO TSTAR, 35 column drill
- Maximum drill bit capacity: 35mm
- Max. distance from table to shaft: 850mm
- Max. distance from base to shaft: 1200mm
- Table dimensions: 420x320mm
- Base dimensions: 660x500mm
- 1.5KW motor

· DAITO GA-330W band saw
- Cutting capacity: 330mm
- 5.5KW motor

· INCA S-400 band saw
- Vertical cutting pass: 360mm
- Throat depth: 400mm
- Table dimensions: 525x575mm
- Motor power: 0.75KW

· LARZEP EE 12018-CE column hydraulic press
- Capacity:120Tn
- Stroke:180mm

· GAMOR tapping machine
- Tapping capacity: M-3 – M-36
- Hydraulic motor DANFOSS OMM-32

· AGME RP-140 marking machine
- Maximum marking diameter: 140mm
- Table dimensions: 300x130mm

· EDM machine ONA DATIC 60
- Electrode holder stroke:300 mm
- Longitudinal stroke :600 mm
- Transversal stroke: 400 mm
- Tank dimensions:1200x800x380 mm
- Table dimensions:650x400 mm

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  • La misión de Mecanizados Iriarte es ayudar a nuestros clientes a gestionar todos sus servicios de mecanizado de forma sistemática y rentable.
    Roberto Iriarte, Gerente Mecanizados Iriarte

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