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Mecanizados Iriarte | Machinning Solutions | Machining according to drawing

Comprehensive management of machining. Specialists in maintenance and machining as per drawing.
Certificado AENOR UNE-EN ISO 9001 Certificado AENOR UNE-EN ISO 14001 Certificado IQNET

Mecanizados Iriarte

Mecanizados Iriarte offers the perfect combination of maintenance and machining as per drawing aimed at providing a comprehensive management of your company"s needs.


C/ Cuenca del Deba, 9
Tel. : (+34) 945260622

Machining according to drawing

Do you need the best machining according to drawing solution for your project?

Call us and you will receive technical advice and a personalised answer thanks to the assistance service of Mecanizados Iriarte.

We carry out all kinds of machining according to drawing work and machining according to sample work. We know how to help you and optimise your facilities. Consult our know-how in machining innovation.

Our productive means and their size allow us to make unitary parts and even short series, with capacity for small parts and for those with large dimensions.
-     Mecanizados Iriarte specialises in the machining of all types of parts according to drawing or sample.
-     - We can carry out machining of all types of materials.
-     - We can carry our machining of all types of measurements that fit in with our machines' capacities.
-     - We take care of managing the processes that need to be subcontracted (cutting, treatments, etc.)

Clients such as MERCEDES BENZ, TUBACEX, AERNNOVA and ULMA , among others, are some of our principal clients in machining according to drawing.

Clients from different sectors, such as the automotive, iron and steel industry and processed metallic products sectors, trust our machining according to drawing services.


Work carried out:


Utillaje, fabricación bajo planoUtillaje, fabricación bajo plano
Mecanizado Bajo Plano VitoriaMecanizado Bajo Plano Vitoria
caja entrada linea producción siderurgiacaja entrada linea producción siderurgia
soporte guía siderurgiasoporte guía siderurgia
acoplamiento para siderurgiaacoplamiento para siderurgia
Mecanizado Bajo Plano en VitoriaMecanizado Bajo Plano en Vitoria
carcasa para siderurgiacarcasa para siderurgia
cuerpo para conjunto de estiraje siderurgiacuerpo para conjunto de estiraje siderurgia
Mecanizado Bajo Plano en VitoriaMecanizado Bajo Plano en Vitoria
mecanizado en plástico de brida para tambor gruamecanizado en plástico de brida para tambor grua
cilindro elevador pala para automocióncilindro elevador pala para automoción
carcasa bati para automocióncarcasa bati para automoción
conjunto distribuidor para automociónconjunto distribuidor para automoción
Tambor para gruaTambor para grua
Fabricacíón tambor para gruaFabricacíón tambor para grua
Mecanizado para transformados metálicosMecanizado para transformados metálicos
Mecanizado cadenaMecanizado cadena


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  • La misión de Mecanizados Iriarte es ayudar a nuestros clientes a gestionar todos sus servicios de mecanizado de forma sistemática y rentable.
    Roberto Iriarte, Gerente Mecanizados Iriarte

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